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My Portfolio of Work
I divide my work into four major categories, all of which have used a varying set of skills on my part. I have always found interesting work, I hope you find it interesting as well! P.S. The following four web pages were complicated to make, let me know if you notice anything wrong or find them difficult to use. I am still playing with the basic layout and am interested in your thoughts as a "customer".

Web and Internet
Currently the hot world, but I am seeing a blurring of lines and convergence from the other areas of my past. Traditional software applications, developed in C, Pascal, or with tools like PowerBuilder or Galaxy are now starting out as web applications. Not only is software finally maturing on the web, but hardware vendors are recognizing the value of a connected product. From TiVo's and Replay's digital VCR's to a refrigerator that reports to the Maytag service center a lack of coolant, or from consumer current electronic MP3 digital audio players to PDA's, there is blurring line between the growth in on-line products and the hardware producers. Just wait till your car. home and PDA's start talking to each other (see Embedded Systems below...).

Traditional Software
My experience with desktop and server software design dates back to my Master's Degree days when, as an Industrial Engineering major, you are not given any credit for creating software, but only for testing a hypothesis with human subjects. That usually means you have to write a piece of software or build some hardware to test the hypothesis. At least that is the path I took, along with many of my peers. This led to jobs with Apple, Virginia Tech and then Bellcore.

Embedded Systems & Hardware/Software Systems
I think this is my first love. Growing up with gizmos and gadgets (yes, I still have my Lego's) I gained an appreciation for design. Early on I thought that I wanted to design car's... Why is it my 1995 car, after 100 years of car manufacturing, doesn't have the window up and down buttons side by side (i.e., the left button for the left window and the right button for the right window?) Who figured it would be better to place them one behind the other in a "row"! Go figure. I then went on to wanting to work on military and space systems with the input from my Rockwell designer uncle (I still regret throwing out my Heat Shield tile from the Space Shuttle - how could I!). I have built tanks, fire control systems, a Formula One style race car, and a missile defense system (testbed). All was very exciting work.

Now, consumer net-products will take the center stage in the design wars. I can't wait till the Smart Home talks to the Smart Car, and tells you - when you get in the car in the morning a status report of your home (i.e., The kitchen lights are ok (OK, you say to yourself because your husband is home), the dishwasher is running, the temp. is set to 71 degrees and the VCR is set to record Ophrah - and you say to yourself, Oops I forget to start the laundry machine!). It is coming and I hope never to be on the sidelines.

Videos, Presentations & "Other"
Being in the multimedia field for many years has allowed me to do some interesting creative work, like webcasting the WWW conference from France and doing a video-wall presentation with the astronauts of Space Station. I have worked with digital video since around 1989 and love to give public presentations, lectures, and demonstrations. Although not a visual designer (and having a real love for those who are - Kevin Mullet, Darrel Sano, etc...), I am still called on to do some visual design work. Thus, I sometimes wind up doing marketing brochures and such. I do better leading the design effort and thus getting the most out of a design professional on the team. Graphic and visual design (sans functional design) is fun work, but best left to the professionals. ;-> Of course, I love to talk about design and engineering. Never short with words in front of an audience, I have found one of my talents is to translate the technical world for the non-technical. I guess that I why I like to lecture, give training sessions and do design and architecture work for fun and profit!

Enjoy looking through my portfolio. I am always glad to discuss any of these projects, if you find find something interesting.

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Updated: March, 2000