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Friends and Family - Special Pages for Special People
I am going to keep little history pages of friends and family. A place to track the progress of our friends kids and special folks.
My grandma's home (Jan, 2002) was a mini-designer showcase for my mom's artistic talents.

Priscilla's Wedding in Rio de Janerio, Brazil!
Wedding Video
My mother's home was a designer showcase and a work of art. These pictures can not do it justice. The detail work was amazing. From the cloth and rope linings inside of cabinets to the hand-painted knobs, doors and inlay work, it is just incredible. She was far more amazing than I ever realized. Not to mention here wizardry in the garden!

Jill and my new home. Not very exciting pictures, but for those who care! Lots of furniture to dump in and painting to do!
Trip to Brian and Amy's Wonderful Wedding! After 12 years true love prevails! Great band, lots of the Memphis crowd.
20 New Pictures as of Dec 1st, 2001!!! - Trip to Camelback in Scottsdale and SURPRISE! I asked Jill to marry me - September 2001
We stayed for a few days and the first night I popped the question (she said Yes). I played golf, she went to the spa, we ate, relaxed, went horseback riding and enjoyed our weekend. We also went out for dinner the next weekend with my dad, Yvonne and Brian.
Trip to Atlanta on the way to Florida and LA on the way back - August 2001
Got to see my buddies in Altanta, hit some nice golf balls and visit with my mom's friends.
Brian Setzer's concert at the San Mateo County Fair - August 2001
I enjoyed the show, but he was sick and you could clearly see he was having a lot of trouble. I was up close and enjoyed it. Too bad his voice could not keep up!
The Airfields Annual Air Show - August 2001
Lots of fun planes. This year they even had two Mig 17's. That was cool. The Galaxy C5 was huge! A nice day.
Ken Rehor's CHI Pictures plus some from Diane Schwartz's Wedding - Late 1990's
Which CHI? I think this was Atlanta. Diane, Ken, Stacey, Kathleen and others hanging out, plus Kevin doing his CHI head-to-head comparison of browsing models. I participated as a Judge. Ben Shneiderman and others participated as either users or owners of the browsing software.
San Diego, Greg and Jenn, Brian's New Tahoe - July, 2001
A few flower pictures, then a bunch from a trip to San Diego, where we not only hung out with Michael and Ellen, but Jill's mom came in (Barbara) and we hooked up with Kevin as he picked up his 1996 Dodge Viper. Also some pictures of Greg, an old friend of Jills, with his wife Jenn, followed by some new shots of Brian's new 2001 Tahoe.
Jeff's Party to Celebrate the Summer - May, 2001
Not only is Jeff's friends at the pary, but some of our friends came. Not only that but Brian's buddy Harry joined into the party scene. Plus a few more pictures from that weekend. Fun for all.
A few days in Vegas with the 3 Miller Boyz - May, 2001
Jeff, Brian and I headed to New York, New York on the Strip. A little golf, Blue Man Group, the roller coster and hanging out at the nice places (pictures from Ceasar's, The Venitian, and Bellagio.
LA Charity Formal and Kaplan Trip to SF - April, 2001
Some shots from Jill's old office and then plenty of us getting dressed up for a Charity Dinner in Century City. We also dropped by the Bevery Hills Hotel for some drinks, but there was no where to sit! So we took some pictures and hit the road. The Kaplans (Barbara , Jill's mom, Jill's brother, Michael, and his (now) fiance, Ellen were in town for a few days. We toured around the city and went to Beach Blanket Babalyon (no pictures). It was FABBBUULOOSSSOO!!!
Vacation trip to Atlanta and Florida - March., 2001
Jill and I spent 10 days traveling around the south. First in ATL. We saw my friends Jeff and Jamie with their kids, then to a special treat - dinner with Bubba and Laurie (+ kids) and Richard and Connie (+ kids). They were in town for the NCAA tourneyment. We also visited with Mike Oken and Teresa (no pics), Mike and Aileen (only a dumb shot of Aileen bowling - but a few with Mike at Stone Mountain and then went to Florida. We had lunch with my cousin Cathy and Aunt Arden followed by a day with granda Minnie. We then went up to my moms and spent 3 days with her in Venice. Finally we tripped back to ATL and hooked up with my old high school friend Laura and got to meet her boy Egan and Jill met them and her hubby Alan.
Weekends in LA - Feb., 2001
With Jim and Stephanie, Jill's brother David, my brother Jeff, and Jill's friends Tasha, Brian and Amy.
XMas in Palm Springs & A trip to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran - Dec., 2000
A quick trip to the sets of ER and West Wing! Very cool. Jill and I then spent 3 days in Palm Srings at Rancho Las Palmas, a Marriott property visiting her mom in Palm Desert and relaxing. The next weekend, my friend Laura Spafford came for a vist and we toured up to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Thanksgiving in San Fran - Nov., 2000
Jill, Jeff and Brian with Dad and Yvonne. Jill and I also explored San Fran (Lombard St., Salsalito and Santa Cruz.
Seattle - Keith and Laura's New Home - Nov. 17th, 2000
Wasabi!!!!! With baby in tow, we chilled in the Fall air of the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to the Hamill/Rettig household for putting up with Jill and me. A long and tiring weekend. Ahh, time for another "nap".
The wonderful weekend of Adela Casas's wedding! - Nov. 10th, 2000
The fraternity friends get together to wish another one of the few well on their new union. And Peter (the new hubby) is an engineer. Huray!
The wonderful weekend of Warren and Special K's wedding - Nov. 12th, 2000
My best buddy from Jersey (jour-say) does it right with the angel of his heart - Katherine. Huray!
The wonderful weekend that is changing my life. - Nov. 3rd, 2000
Thank-you Beth, Stephanie and Natasha! Jill is the one.
Leguna Secca - Kevin and I down at Leguna for the SCCA Races - Oct. 10th, 2000
Very cool cars, lots of fog in the morning. Don't miss Page 2 - another 46 shots of the cars. Catch the Porsche 968. Hot.
The big cookout! - July 22nd, 2000
The last big party of the summer. Lots of friends, old and new.
Club Med - Sonora Bay, Mexico - July 4th Week, 2000
A really nice club with a great group of people and an excellent G.O. staff.

Stratton Gold Trip w/ Todd Salamon - June 2000
Golfing with new friends in Mass and Vermont!
CHI Conference - Den Haag, The Netherlands - April 2000
The annual Computer-Human Interaction Conference, plus a fun weekend with friends. What a great country with great people. A good way of life!
Club Med - Cancun - March 2000
A party in the house! Rappin Rodney, Gadget Boy Miller, and Karen 'all smiles' Dill on a romp through Cancun. Lots of new friends, sports, dancing, and good times!
Friends & Family - Ongoing 2000
A few cute mugs of Warren and Special K goofing off, and Janet modeling for her big Golf outing!
Roseland Ballroom - NYC - Feb 13, 2000
Not the best shots I have taken, but it was tough with a video camera in one hand and the still camera in the other! Janet and Heather burning up the floor at a performance at the famous Roseland Ballroom in NYC!
Y2K - Seeing the CA Crowd! San Fran. CA - Dec 1999/Jan 2000
Two parties on New Years with my best friends, plus time with my brothers and Dad! Yvonne cooked a great dinner - good times had by all!
Seeing the Mandels & Heaton's Love! NYC - Dec 1999
The big apple with the Mandel's, Gina - the swing queen and a good time by all. Plus a few shots of Maria at Jon and her place in Tampa.
Moms, then with Dad in Orlando, then in Tampa with Bubba & Family, Jon and Pam, and the Simon's - Nov 1999
A busy week with mom and dad (who was down for a conference) and then fun by all with the little fraternity group. Cool Epcot pictures and a nice panoramic out of Jon's window!
NJ Leopard Lounge & Brian and Jenny's Party - Oct 1999
Great pictures of the costumes and Karen getting her birthday spanking. Oh Lenny, behave!
NJ Somerville & Indio Ballroom Grand Opening - Oct 1999
Great dance shots of some professional dancers in action, plus the usual suspects - of course!
Atlanta - Road Trip - Atlanta, GA - Sept 1999
A quick trip to the Peach State to check out my two best buddies new digs. Why I don't have pictures of their wonderful new houses, I will never know. It was great to see them and see how they have settled into their new lives in North Bumble! OK, OK, it is where you want to be, but it still seems like the boonies!
Aita Salasoo Going Away Party Gallery - Sept. 1999
I didn't take enough shots. These are with a Olympus D340-R at LOW resolution. Pretty good for the price. We will miss Aita and Tim as they spend the next two years working with Telcordia in Australia. Ingrid and Endela are sure to have a new experience down under! We wish them well. (Thanks to Jane and Gomer for being such great hosts! The Sushi was yummy!).
Fallingwater - Pennsylvania - May 1999
A designers dream. These shots were taken with a Sony DV8 video camera. I captures single frames. It will be interesting to compare them to the Photo CD images that I will put up sometime in June. A great setting and an impressive house by Frank Lloyd Wright. Just outside shots, you have to take the early morning 2 hour tour to get pictures of the inside.
Club Med Photo Gallery (60K) - Cancun - January 1996
I am just throwing the pictures up here in a big index page, sorry, no time for the fancy tour right now. It was a great trip, lots of sports, great music, and fun people. I highly recommend Club Med for the young at heart. Check out the Club Med web site for info and especially Cancun and Turkoise.
Africa Photo Gallery (Big!) - Kenya and Tanzania - July/August 1997
I am just throwing the pictures up here. Try looking at a name_s.jpg before looking at a file name_l.jpg the 's' and 'l' refer to SMALL and large, so you can take a quick look at the small version of a file before waiting for the big one. If I get lucky I will build a nice 'tour' of Africa with some nice descriptions of where I took the shots and the stories to go along with them. I find some of the pictures very dark on a PC monitor, they look better on a Macintosh (and better yet on paper!).

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