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Interaction -- How to create interaction with the user that is consistent with a good action-response model
Selection -- How to make selection of Radio Buttons or Checkboxes similar to a desktop model

Thoughts to ponder...

I have opinions and thoughts on design research and usability issues. This is a place for me to express those ideas. Some of the work we have done is to stretch the limits of HTML or web applications to make them look and feel more interactive and usable. This sometimes means making it look and feel like a desktop application. Some work had extensive user interaction testing, while other design alternatives did not have usability testing. Either way, there are ideas that you might consider in your own work. If you have a strong opinion (either way), I would be happy to post it with my Design Talk pages.

Richard Miller
Richard Miller
Before Tackling a Problem
"Designing" for the Web
After Tackling a Problem
How We Design
Keith Rettig
Keith Rettig

A Designer and Interface Architect's Mission - My Humble Opinion
To further our understanding of complicated interface issues and develop solutions to these challenges. We should spend time thinking, analyzing and researching the issues, and then address the design problems through thoughtful implementation that does not create unnecesssary work for developers.

P.S. Most design work creates work for developers, the trick is in the balance of design and development effort. You still want to get that great idea in front of your customers? Then you might need to think about the effort it is going to take to build and maintain your great design. I do think the customer comes first, but in reality the cost of building something has to play a part at some point. Better to understand this sooner than later. ;->

Keith Who?
Keith and I worked together at Bellcore. He started as my Intern and now is a bigshot. Check out his site at He also hosts my domain name. Talk to him he might host you site as well!

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