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250 Darrell Rd

Hillsborough, CA 94010 USA

Tel. 1.650.348.3030

Cell. 1.408.314.5023

To manage the definition, design, and development of sophisticated technology solutions


  Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University - Blacksburg VA (Virginia Tech)

    Ph.D. Industrial and Systems Engineering - 5/93      Option: Human Factors 

    Title: User Interface Design and Evaluation of a Shipboard Electronic Warfare Console

    M.B.A. Pamplin School of Business - 5/93

    M.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering - 5/91    Option: Human Factors 

    Title: Effects of Graphical User Interface Inconsistencies on Subjective and Objective Measures of Usability

  Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta GA

    B.S. Applied Psychology - 6/87    Minor: Drama and Film


Architect - Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA     5/2012 - Present

UI Architect, Consulting Member of Technical Staff- Oracle Corp., Redwood Shores, CA     6/05 - 5/2012

  • Lead the Agile Scrum definition and rollout for our 300 person (29 sprint team) organization
  • Manage designers, researchers, consultants, and 3rd parties (including negotiations and budget)
  • Designed, from scratch, the Oracle support portal in use by all Oracle customers
  • Set strategic/product vision for most of the support portal, which is the critical "interface" to customers (Oracle's largest revenue producer is license updates and product support revenue)
  • Presented multiple design "visions" to key VP, SVP and higher senior staff, including Larry Ellison
  • Led the tactical implementation of these visions in through 18+ full releases (transitioning from basic HTML, to Adobe Flex, to Oracle ADF and to the JQuery framework)
  • Create many new UI pattern in Adobe Flex to solve specific customer issues and development constraints
  • Provided "glue" for project: training videos, documentation, conducted business reviews, customer presentations, development and design processes, patterns, etc.
  • Researched and designed the user experience for the next generation Enterprise Manager
  • Worked across organizations and with many customers to define, evaluate, and build solutions
  • Extensive "face of" experience; conferences, user group, and customer presentations
  • Deep understanding of customer tasks and needs, i.e., patching, searching, mobile, ticketing
  • Global product owner for mobile support application; led re-design of internal support processes and experience; led research and design for re-architected Enterprise Manager 11G (& 12c) framework
  • Agile product manager role in many verticals and tasks; messaging, feature naming (“PowerView”, “Patch Plan”, “QuickLinks”), requirement definition, roadmap, documentation and training

Faculty/Lecturer, User Experience - Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA     5/2011 - 12/12

  • Taught user experience design to the master’s students in the Web Design & New Media Department

Consultant, User Experience and B2B Communication - Merchant Circle, Redwood City, CA     1/05 - 5/05

  • Evaluation and design of business to business communication methods and techniques
  • Ethnographic research on small business needs

Director of Product Design, UI Design Lead - Opsware Inc. (now HP), Sunnyvale, CA,     4/02 - 12/04

  • Designed and help build Data Center Intelligence (1.0, 1.1, 1.2), a Crystal Reports-based solution
  • Designed many features: grouping, advanced scheduling and notification, template modeling
    with inheritance, server searching and browsing, interactive reporting, and many minor enhancements
  • Infused UI design process into the development process; web user centered design workshops, RFUE process,
    buddy-system, remote usability testing, "Olympic" prioritization, UI design requirements
  • Invented numerous new UI design solutions to solve complex user-interactions
  • Directed the UI design for all Opsware enterprise products through multiple releases
  • Spearheaded projects: internationalization (I18N), online & context sensitive help, online/CD-ROM training
  • Managed and hired staff, controlled contracts and contractors, set design priorities for products

Director of Software Engineering & UI Design - Embrace Networks, Sunnyvale, CA,     8/01 - 12/02

  • Responsible for design, daily management and delivery of four successful brokerage platform releases
  • Directed SW teams for server, tools, web/Java UI design and development, and solutions development
  • Supported and developed Embrace's most successful professional services engagements
  • Responsible for UI design, server roadmap, and statements of work

Senior Director - Product Design - Enuncia Communications, Inc., Fremont, CA,     8/00 - 12/00

Director - Product Design, 7/00 - 8/00 (entire staff laid-off 12/00)

  • Manage, from inception, the development of Enuncia's speech hosting service (ASP)
  • Responsible for voice interaction usability, product roadmaps, and feature definitions for all products
  • Created costing models, call load models, managed vendor relationships, and developed sales collateral
  • Managed staff of 9 product managers, designers, and linguists
  • Responsible for product roadmaps, feature definitions, and timelines for all Enuncia products
  • Developed support services, service and design processes, and engineering documentation

Senior Director - Product Design - SoftCom, Inc. (now IVT), Iselin, NJ,     7/97 - 7/00

  • Created Program Management function, product line, roadmap, and marketing communications
  • Created usability practices and methodologies for use on all Softcom projects
  • Managed the user interface development, user testing, and customer interaction for our engagements
  • Managed and lead designer for $100K to $1M+ projects; IEEE, Home Shopping Network, and others
  • Managed, from inception to maintenance, numerous video-based e-commerce engagements
  • Designed and engineered CORSEARCH Online - a Java/Web search system for a legacy database
  • Designed and developed LearningNet, and MediaPlatform e-commerce Internet video solutions
  • Managed the User Interface development and customer interaction for our engagements
  • Developed HR methodologies, recruited, built departments and managed designers & engineers

Media Systems Engineer - Bell Communications Research (now Telcordia), Piscataway, NJ,     2/94 to 6/97

  • Supported technology transfer from research lab concepts to shipping applications and services
  • Wrote extensive requirements, contract proposals, and research documentation
  • Developed project plans, information architectures and requirements for telephony systems
  • Designer for Analog Display Services Interface (ADSI) services (aka, the original voice/screen phone)
  • Technology Webmaster and Project Manager for numerous web and legacy RapidApps Solutions
  • Managed the companies WWW4 exposition with a staff of 50, three networks, and video wall
  • Designed and developed the MediaPark web interface and communication toolkit for Pacific Bell
  • Developed and implemented WebCasting technology for WWW4 & WWW5 conferences
  • Managed the InterMedia Lab - video, audio, and Internet media development
  • Built web tools, business processes, and software for the Insurance and Entertainment industries

Multimedia Developer - Information Systems, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA,     8/93 to 2/94

  • Designed and developed a multimedia kiosk on the use of technology in teaching
  • Wrote, produced, and directed over 30 videos on technology and teaching (including web solutions)

Consultant/Owner - The Computer Connection, Blacksburg VA,     1/91 to 2/94

  • Sold and installed Macintosh compatible hardware, software, and networks
  • Provided training for Virginia Tech staff (SuperCard, Excel, Word, Canvas, HyperCard)
  • Lectured on networking, software design, and human-computer interaction at Virginia Tech
  • Developed multimedia systems, software, and visions for various departments

Student Representative & Manager - Apple Computer, Inc., Blacksburg VA,     1/90 to 2/94

  • Managed student representatives (8/91 to 5/93) involved with technical support and marketing
  • Developed and implemented training, support, and marketing programs at Virginia Tech
  • Solved TCP/AppleTalk/Ethernet, software, and hardware problems for computer users

Graduate Research Assistant - Displays and Controls Lab, Virginia Tech,     8/90 to 5/93

  • Developed and tested new user interface designs for a Navy electronic warfare system
  • Built an interface test bed for comparing and testing new interface styles
  • Created the Virginia Tech human factors interactive multimedia tour

Human Factors Intern - Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester NY,     6/89 to 12/89

  • Developed Supercard, Plus, and Hypercard prototypes
  • Installed Macintosh, VAX, IBM network
  • Worked on user interface design issues for photocopier and imaging systems

Graduate Project Assistant - Vehicle Simulation Laboratory, Virginia Tech,     Spring 1989

  • Acquired a grant for investigating rapid prototyping systems and software
  • Designed a simulation of an advanced combat vehicle computer interface
  • Evaluated over twenty simulation software and hardware systems

Human Factors Intern - FMC, Ground Systems Division, Santa Clara CA,     Summer 1988

  • Created computer-operator interfaces for an air-defense vehicle and programmed three simulations
  • Established guidelines for subcontractors' development of control-display interfaces


Richard has over 20 years of software design, development, usability, and systems engineering experience. He has lectured on usability, design practices, and Internet security; developed and led software training courses; and taught workshops on user interface design, multimedia, and usability. He has nine solid years of webmaster, web design, and enterprise software experience. Leading teams of up to 50 people, he has consistently led projects from inception to delivery. Richard has experience with most major computing platforms (Sun, SGI, Apple, PC, Linux, and mainframes) and has worked on embedded systems, hardware designs, broadband solutions and set-top box software. His problem-solving skills and ability to understand new technologies and complex systems, along with his hard work ethic, makes him an ideal candidate for advanced development and marketing projects. Projects that require customer involvement, have complex project plans, and need someone with a mature understanding of the complexities of delivering software on-time and on-budget, will draw well on Richard's skills as a system architect, product manager, engineer, usability expert, marketer, and designer. No one previous position defines Richard's technology skills, as all have drawn on his skills to learn and deliver effectively in new and unique situations.

- - - - - - - - - - - -


Richard has both government and contract research experience. Working within MIL-SPEC (military guidelines) he designed a fire-control and information battle management systems for FMC's prototype fighting vehicle: the Guardian (See For follow-on contracts from FMC, he researched rapid prototyping tools and provided procurement recommendations. While at Virginia Tech, Richard worked on DoD contracts (with security clearance) focused on the analysis and re-design of the AN SLQ-32, a missile radar defense system found on all Navy ships. Proposals, requirements, research, design, hardware and software were all part of the team mission. His work at Bellcore followed on this work with active participation on many research proposals. Extensive time at Bellcore was dedicated to technology transfer from Bellcore's prestigious research labs. This included technology mapping, code reviews, industry gap analysis and productizing research prototypes.

PROJECTS (See Portfolio for more extensive listings)

  • A customer facing mobile and web portal for Oracle support (Oracle)
  • An enterprise management tool for data center administrators (Oracle)
  • Web-based and desktop (java application) administration tools for server management (Opsware)
  • A reporting platform for data center server management (Opsware)
  • Web-based management console for distributed device management (Embrace)
  • Video training/e-commerce sites for the IEEE, Home Shopping Network and others (SoftCom)
  • AN SLQ-32 Simulator (Navy via Virginia Tech)
  • Personal Information Manager (Virginia Tech)
  • Command and Control Interface for air defense tank (FMC)
  • Web Tutorial Application (Chubb Corp. via Bellcore)
  • Formula One style race car (Georgia Tech senior project)
  • Bellcore Website (Bellcore)
  • Electronic Book Reader (Bellcore)
  • Web-based Search Application (SoftCom)
  • Webcasting for WWW5 in Paris, France
  • Webcasting for WWW4 in Boston, MA.

PUBLICATIONS (See Work Portfolio)

  • User Interface Design and Evaluation of a Shipboard Electronic Warfare Console (Ph.D thesis)
  • Effects of Graphical User Interface Inconsistencies on Subjective and Objective Measures of Usability (Masters Thesis)
  • Hardware Rapid Prototyping (HARPO) (Research paper for FNC Corporation) (Industry Project)
  • Learning from our Past (Research presentation at a web conference)

PRESENTATIONS (See Work Portfolio)

  • Oracle OpenWorld 2012
  • Oracle OpenWorld 2011
  • Oracle IDC (India) - Guest Instructor - July 2012 - Web Design for Develpers and Web Design for Designers - short courses (2 weeks)
  • Oracle OpenWorld 2009 -- Enterprise Manager / My Oracle Support Integration (Presented by Larry Ellison at Keynote)
  • Oracle OpenWorld 2009 -- Patch Automation
  • Oracle OpenWorld 2009 -- Enterprise Manager / My Oracle Support Integration
  • CHI '98 -- Workshop on The Toughest User Interface Challenges
  • FedWeb '97 -- Workshop on UI Design
  • FedWeb '97 -- Presentation on Toughest User Interface Challenges
  • WWW6 -- Workshop on UI Design
  • WWW6 -- Presentation on Toughest UI Challenges
  • WWW6 -- Panel on UI Design
  • Human Factors Society Annual Meeting - Paper on Input Devices
  • National Communications Forum -- Invited Presentation: Designing for Success
  • Multimedia Techology -- Presentation and Workshop Organizer, Virginia Tech '92
  • Software Training Workshops for Word and Excel -- Virginia Tech '91 - '92


  • Customer Services Pacesetter Award”- Q4 FY09
    MOS Web Performance Global Task Force Team
  • Enterprise Manager Spot Award -- Dec 2009
    My Oracle Support
  • Enterprise Manager Spot Award -- Dec 2009
    Enterprise Manager Innovations
  • Customer Services Pacesetter Award -- Q4 FY08
    My Oracle Support Team

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