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References on Web Design

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References from the Workshop on Addressing the Toughest Interface Design Issues
Learning from our Past
A paper presented at a workshop on accessing legacy data via the web. Originally published at the Workshop Coordiator's website.
Jakob Nielsen's Old Alertbox
A series of articles which discusses his views on various design related issues
Human Factors and the Web Conference
Some useful research papers on practical design issues like frames and navigation. This was the second such conference help June 12, 1997. The 4th Conference is in Baskin Ridge, NJ on June 5th, 1998. It is another resource worth checking out.

General Web Design Resources
A decent explanation of the Web/Netscape color palette
Graphic design tips, including some web design tips are at Webling's Cafe in the graphics area.
The Yale Manual of Style
This is just a darn good site, giving well though-out arguments for how to design for the web.
Directory of resources at Yahoo's Guide
A repository for design sites, mostly populated with design companies, but there are a few jewels.
Jakob Nielsen Useit site
This site has an nice reference list and does mini-reviews of his recommended sites. There is no point in duplicating all of that here.

User Centered Design

User-Centered Graphic Design : Mass Communication and Social Change by Jorge Frascara, et al / Paperback / Published 1997
It looks like a Thesis and was recommended as a good book. I have it but haven't read it yet.
Order 'Mass Communications' from Amazon.Com.
Methods and Tools in User-Centered Design for Information Technology (Human Factors in Information Technology, 9) by Margaret Galer, Susan Harker, Jurgen Ziegler (Editor)
Have not seen this book, but it sure has the right title! Look at Galer's book at Amazon.
Bellcore's User Centered Design Approach. In M. Wilkind (Ed.), Usability in Practice. Boston: Academic Press. Chapter by Salasoo, A., White, E., Dayton, T., Burkhart, B., and Root, R. (1994).

General Book

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The Charm School by Nelson Demille (Paperback)
Maybe the USSR has fallen, but the story about a secret city in the heart of Russia that is used to train russian spies still holds you in your seat.
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The Lives of the Great Composers by Harold C. Schonberg (Hardbook)
Everyone need a a little culture. This was a Mother's Day present for my grandma. This updated and expanded edition of the perennial favorite traces the line of composers from Monteverde to the tonalists of the 1990s. Schonberg discusses the lives and works of the foremost figures in classical music, weaving a fabric rich in detail and anecdote.

CD Recommendations

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Evil, by the Cameros
Swing Music by a local (NY) band with two killer leading ladies. Soothing and smooth, but can still hop!

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Vintage Collection, by Wanda Jackson
Listen to these tracks with Real Audio!
Some say, the Camero's remind them of Wanda. She was around 40 years ago, swinging and doing the country scene. Track 1, I Gotta Know, is impressive, while tracks 3 (Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad), 4 (Riot In Cell Block #9), 8 (Rock Your Baby), 10 (Fujiyama Mama), and 11 are a swingers dream! I bought the CD at Columbia House for 99 cents, but if you can't get that deal, it is still worth the normal price just for those 5 tracks. The other tracks are country, but they are darn good.
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First of a Million Kisses, by Fairground Attraction
Eddi Reader's voice is just wow. The beats and melodies are their best and her best work. Listen to this with a partner you want to fall in love with and it will just happen!

DVD Recommendations

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Apollo 13
Great Story, Great Special Effects.

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