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Introduction to Product

A school boys dream. To go to their first day of a summer internship and have a 50,000 pound Bradley Fighting Vehicle do a doughnut in front of your dad's car. It only got better from there...

I spent about 80% of my time that summer designing the control systems using for loading the gun, testing the on-board systems and for managing this air-defense vehicle. With 4 Stinger missiles, 2 Hydra missile pods, grenade launchers, and a 25MM gun with about 500 rounds of ammo, this was a great product. I not only got to build the fire control UI, but wrote the requirements for other vendors, who built sub-systems for this embedded system.

I also designed the targeting and tracking interface. This is what the gunner uses to actually try to target incoming air-vehicles and fire the gun. I was told that it shot down drones with only 3 rounds! I was very proud of my work at FMC. They gave me an additional bonus at the end of the summer for my work, and then went out of their way to fund me for another year doing research on Rapid Prototyping tools. This was what led to much greater work in my life and I will always appreciate what they did for me.

Overview Picture

Richard's Roles

  • Designed all the tank commander's UI gun loading screens (via a hard button touch-screen)
  • Developed the fire targeting interface for the gunner
  • Wrote the User interface requirements for vendors
  • Build the hardware interface (using RS422 control and proto-boards) of the command system for testing prototypes.
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