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Here are three pictures taken by Jesus, the Club Med photographer. What a great time and a really nice club. Even though there were lots of kids around (they shouln't smoke!), the club was fun, if not a little quiet. But that was fine, I met some great people, as one always does at a Club Med, and we found plenty to do. Skiing in the morning (I lost my gloves), sailing, a little tennis. Plenty of Volleyball in the afternoon, but not much basketball. The food was as good or better than usual, I especially liked the fresh Mahi Mahi, and I mean fresh!

Overall, a great place. Damn hot, that was for sure, but jumping into the pool fixed that (even though the pool was 80+. I even got to dance in the GM Show with Vicki! She was a real trooper, with less than an hour prep, and having never really done a lot of East Coast Swing, she went out there and did a great job. Too bad we don't have a video tape of it. Anyway, July 4th at Club Med was a good bet. Shirin showed me how to sail, I think I am getting the hang of it now! Boy it is life as it should be!

Me as a blind Tarzan
Vicki & I dancing swing
Sharin & I in the Olympics

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Updated: July, 2000