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1999, December

Picture Catalog
Note: Click any picture for the full size image at 640x480 (about 45K and 20 seconds per image on a 56K modem)
First Stop: The Miller boys at Dad and Yvonne's home. Thanksgiving at New Years!

Jeff and Dana
Dad, happy w/ the Boyz home
Super Sweet

Brian and Jeff
Hamming it up
with me

At the Family Dinner

Jodi Klien
Len and Grace
w/ Leslie

Too Good Looking!
The night is over...
Second Stop: ... Palo Alto for dinner with the Creemer/Ashlund crew (Stacey, David, Brendan and Pam!) and Kevin Mullet.

and baby makes 3
w/ mom

Stacey w/ sis Pam
The ellusive Kevin

Flying baby
Eating Baby
Sleeping Baby
Third Stop: to Shannon Halgren's (and Davud Mollerstuen's home) for New Years Dinner with Stacey, David and Brendan - the newest addition to the Creemer/Ashlund home. Pam, David, Lisa, Tracy and Chris rounded out the dinner party.

Guess who's coming over?
Cheers to the hosts
Watching New Years in NYC

Great Food
Tracy and Chris
David (Skippy) and Lisa

Dad w/ the kid
Happy New Year (in NYC)!
Final Stop: ... off to Julie and Brian's home to party with the biotech crowd. Did you know there are people who's jobs are called Computational Chemists? Very interesting...

Brian, rah rah!
Waiting for New Years
Note the nice coach

Julie and Grace
Grace ZOOM!

Brian and Grace
Sitting up


pick your head up!
I can't eat another bite!

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Updated: May, 1999